What children do

What children do.

Depends on where they are, what they have and how they look.

Being an albino in Africa eliminates almost all your chances.
Windhoek – Namibia

A bath and a haircut once a month, provided by a humanitarian project.
Dhaka – Bangladesh

In business everybody helped out. Regardless age.
Butajira – Ethiopia

All there is. One shelf and a plastic window.
Iasi – Romania

For less than a dollar he will light your wedding.
Agra – India

You are lucky if you have a real job, like this garbage boy.
Dhaka – Bangladesh

The civil war turned out he light in her eyes.
Mile 91 – Sierra Leone

Bathtub baby.
Windhoek – Namibia

Mimi, abandoned, fighting for her life.
Butajira – Ethiopia

Sad girl.
Zanzibar – Tanzania

Getting fish for the market.
Kulna – Bangladesh